Insurance allows you to recoup legal entities from the damage specified in the insurance contract of certain events (insurance cases).

The following types of insurance relations:

  • insurance relations on protection of property interests of the organizations arising from damage to insured property;
  • insurance relations on protection of property interests of legal entities in connection with their civil responsibility for the obligations arising due to causing damage to life, health and (or) property of other persons;
  • insurance relations on protection of property interests of entrepreneurs in respect of certain laws (clause 3 of part 2 of article 929 GK the Russian Federation) adverse, harmful events that cause losses and deteriorate the results of the business activities.

Most often the treatment of entrepreneurs and organizations to lawyers for insurance disputes related to issues arising from contracts of insurance of property, liability insurance, insurance against accidents, insurance of construction risks, insurance of motor transport enterprises.

Contracts of insurance of property of legal persons are in great demand in the insurance market. Organizations insure office buildings, laboratories, warehouses, equipment and more.

Insurance liability is one of the most reliable and effective ways to protect the property interests of enterprises and organizations, namely, the obligation of the insurer to indemnify third parties damage instead of the tortfeasor.

Insurance accident insurance is insurance which involves the following principal risks:

  • temporary disability as the result of an accident;
  • permanent incapacity for work (disability) as a result of an accident;
  • the death of the insured in the accident.

With the insurance of construction risk by object of insurance are property interests of the insured related to the possession, use and disposal of property that is the subject or means of performance of construction and installation works; the risk of destruction (loss) or damage of construction objects; the risk of destruction (loss) or damage to objects in the after-launch warranty period.

When insuring vehicles owned by the organization or enterprise, the object of insurance is property interests of the insurant connected with possession, using and disposal of a motor vehicle and additional equipment.
Most insurance disputes arise out of contracts:

  • personal insurance, i.e. life insurance and health of employees;
  • property insurance;
  • compulsory insurance of the civil responsibility insurance;
  • voluntary motor insurance – CASCO;
  • of cargo insurance;
  • insurance for the period of travel abroad.

Lawyer Alexandra Nikitina A., specializing in the conduct of insurance disputes, believes that if the insurance company refuses to fulfill its contractual obligations, it is necessary to refer to it in writing claim, and in case of refusal to prepare a statement of claim in court.

A lawyer for insurance disputes, as a rule, begins its work in that case, if it’s been more than one month from the date of submission to insurance company all necessary documents, and the insurer does not pay; the insurer refuses to accept the documents for payment; the insurer underestimates the amount of payment; the insurer incorrectly calculated the cost of the insurance indemnity or amount of damage; the insurer refuses to contract termination and does not return part of the insurance premium for the remaining term of the contract.

A lawyer for insurance disputes Nikitina Alexandra of the city of Simferopol:

  • detailed advise on any question relating to the insurance coverage, in oral or written form;
  • will help to prepare a complaint or petition to the court;
  • will help to prepare the review or objection to the petition;
  • will help to protect Your interests in litigation first, appeal, cassation or Supervisory instance;
  • will help gather evidence;
  • will protect Your interests at the stage of enforcement proceedings.