The way to restore justice

We have to admit that not all private or legal persons to operate legally in the establishment of property rights or in other cases, in such cases is judicial  recognition of the transaction invalid. The lawyer Nikitin has considerable experience in carrying out financial and property transactions. If you understand that your rights and interests in the deal have been violated should immediately contact our company to recognize this transaction invalid. Keep in mind that for a long time to think about the involvement of a lawyer and professional company to participate in the proceeding dangerous: it may have expired challenge the transaction. On some issues he is a year, others three years, and after this period to exercise their rights will be impossible.


The invalidation of the transaction is almost always through the courts. To do this, the lawyer needs to collect all data on production, then decide on what line of the law had violated the rights of the customer at the time of the transaction. To carry out it by yourself is almost impossible, as it requires thorough knowledge of legislation and ability to operate them. Invalid transaction occurs, as a rule, in the interests of one party and excluding the other participants of the process, which sometimes do not even know what their rights are infringed.

The grounds of invalidation of a transaction can be very diverse, but always they are related to infractions of articles of the law. The client presents his problem and, as a rule, emotionally describes her domestic side. And only a competent lawyer can correctly and correctly make an application to the court, it will translate everyday language into law, and only in this case, the court may take all arguments and arguments of the client. To invalidation of transactions occurred in a short time and with a positive result, it is necessary as soon as information was received about the illegality of certain acts to initiate judicial proceedings. It should be noted that a competent and effective search of the grounds of invalidity of transactions, observance of terms of consideration of cases, conducting client protection in court guarantee a positive outcome. This is what attracts many of our students, please contact me and you!