Nikitina Aleksandra Anatolyevna

“It does not matter on whose side the power is; it matters on whose side the right is.”V. Hugo


I am a professional Crimean attorney with experience more than 11 years and a certified specialist in the field of Russian, Ukrainian and international law.

My clients are legal entities and individuals, located in different parts of the globe (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, USA, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Denmark, etc.)

Qualified legal counsel Nikitina Alexandra Sukhova has helped to win many difficult legal disputes in the arbitration, criminal and civil cases, including matters of real estate and application of the norms of the land legislation.

22.04.2014 year, the lawyer Nikitin A. A. successfully passed the examination for knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation and to obtain the status of lawyer of the Russian Federation.

Turning to the lawyer, Nikitina A. A., you will always get a qualified and comprehensive answer to your question.

Certificates and diplomas

Phone/Viber/Whatsapp: +7 (978) 81-77-982
Simferopol, G. Morozov str., 14, office 4
Russian Federation, Republic Of Crimea