In modern Russia, almost every person has ever committed an administrative infraction. Part of it is due to the fact that there is a thin “line” between normal behavior and behavior not generating substantial harm.

Committing an administrative law violation is the basis with regards to the application of administrative penalties as a special measure of responsibility.

In case You need to prove your innocence and to avoid administrative responsibility, then aid is ready to provide counsel on administrative Affairs.

Depending on sovershonnogo administrative offenses can be applied and installed the following administrative penalties:

— warning;
— suspension;
— administrative seizure;
— suspension of operations(administrative);
— the Expulsion outside the Russian Federation, persons without citizenship or foreign citizen;
— deprivation provided to a natural person, special rights;
— confiscation of object or weapon AP;

Here is a partial list of which You can keep the lawyer in administrative cases.

Much more difficult is the situation when a violation of administrative law absolutely legal entity. Complex law violation may lead not only to an impressive fine, but a total ban on further implementation of its activities for a certain statutory period of time. For a huge number of Russian companies, this measure may be “a harbinger of” total collapse and that is why the legal person in case of committing an administrative law violation, immediately call for help to counsel in administrative cases

Counsel for administrative Affairs provides services to legal entities in the form of:

— Searching and submission to the court further evidence with regards to the case of an administrative offense;

— Determining the most appropriate strategies and tactics;

— Systematization of the collected information;

— Familiarization with the documents on the case of AP;

— Protection of interests and rights in the judicial process;

— Identification of procedural violations and order the court made in the process of registration of cases of AP;

— Appeal to higher court a court ruling on the case up to the statutory period;

— Preparation and submission of Supervisory review;

Call and questioning the witness on the case of AP;

This is not a complete list, which provides counsel for administrative matters. It is extremely important at the time to get professional help in sovershennogo administrative offense, as the consequences under the penalties can be quite serious.

Regardless of the situation, with regards to administrative violations, it was necessary to consult and, if necessary, highly qualified assistance of a lawyer in administrative cases“. That can save You from adverse and unwanted effects, with regards to the stipulated the administrative punishment code.

Generally the basic criterion of reducing the size of the punishment or its avoidance is a well-chosen position is a Timely appeal to the attorney of the administrative offenses increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Counsel on administrative matters to effectively protect Your interests, getting involved in the process of an administrative offence, at any stage and the court stage of a case.