The arbitration process is not only a set of actions that provides for the Arbitration Code. The arbitration process requires special skills.
Representation of your interests in court is conducted at all stages of the arbitration process, from preliminary meetings to the Executive production. Representation of interests in court of high qualification and great experience. Be aware that representation in court would be effective and give the desired result only in the case when the arbitration case has a good knowledge of the legislation and court practice in all areas of law.

To the court of arbitration has helped to solve your problem in a short time and decided in your favor, pobespokoytes that the representatives in court were the professionals who can settle the economic dispute in accordance with the law.

The resolution of various disputes in the arbitration court to resolve economic disputes if you cannot resolve the conflict without resorting to the courts. The decision, which makes the arbitration court is considered binding by the parties. Therefore, the arbitration case, representing Your interests in court, should have extensive experience in helping to resolve the conflict in favor of the company or of the company whose interests he protects in the judicial process.

To conduct the case in the arbitration court lawyer require a comprehensive deep knowledge of different areas of law such as:

administrative law;
— civil law;
insurance law;
— land law;
— tax legislation;
— financial legislation;
— Antimonopoly legislation;
— experience of bankruptcy procedures;
— experience of judicial practice;
and even family law.

Therefore, even before going to the arbitration court, the lawyer is trying to find options for pre-trial settlement of disputes and to conclude an agreement, which solves to some extent to reduce the time and costs associated with the settlement of disputes in court. If the intervention of the arbitration court can not be avoided, the arbitration case is conducting a detailed assessment of the prospects for resolution of the dispute in court, warning the customer about the risks.

At all stages of the proceedings in the court of the arbitration case provides continuous analysis of the situation, making adjustments, giving advice.


Arbitration litigation are:

— about the dispute over the contracts;
— termination of contracts;
— for damages;
— invalidation of non-normative acts;
about improper performance of their obligations;
— about recognition of transactions as invalid;
— about protection of business reputation;
— violation of the rights of the owner;
— arbitration disputes;
— for the recovery of the property owner of someone else’s illegal possession;
— on refusal in state registration;
— disputes in state and other organs;
— tax disputes,
— bankruptcy proceedings, etc.

Business development is often accompanied by disagreements between the parties concerning the commodity and money relations. International court of arbitration is one of the best methods of resolving these legal cases.

Court of international arbitration to resolve foreign trade disputes that arise in foreign economic activities of the enterprise and parties registered on the territory of different States.

In the international arbitration court may be considered on such questions:
Disputes between firms established in Russia, but speak foreign investments.
International commercial arbitration court is considered to be one of the most important institutions of the modern international private law.

However, the international commercial arbitration court — not exactly a new phenomenon in today’s legal reality. Shopping arbitral tribunals have long been known.

Litigation in international commercial arbitration be distinguished from arbitration.

The advantages of the international commercial arbitration court:
Procedure for settlement of disputes in the commercial arbitration court is characterized by its simplicity and small cost of doing such a process.
Dispute resolution is conducted in a closed session, which may ensure that the parties to enforce their trade secrets;
the parties may freely choose the procedure, arbitrators, applicable law, language and place of the arbitration court.

Can partially or fully determine the arbitration procedure to require to resolve the dispute based on the principles of good conscience and justice.
The arbitrators are chosen from among the very qualified professionals in different areas of legal practice and commercial activity.

The arbitration award is binding and final nature.

On the basis of the international commercial arbitration court the arbitration agreement lies with the conflicting parties. Arbitration agreement — is an agreement of the parties on transfer to the court of arbitration all or certain disputes arising between the parties in connection with a particular legal relationship, and this is regardless worn whether it is legal or not.

There are two types of international commercial arbitration:  

— insulated
— institutional.

Institutional commercial arbitration court is constantly acting body that was created at commercial and industrial Union, chamber of Commerce or Association.

Insulated commercial arbitration court is created only to resolve a particular dispute after the decision, ceases to exist.

I have a long experience of doing business in the international arbitration court, speak different languages, have rich experience in the courts of different States, so we can provide You with highly qualified assistance in protecting your interests in international arbitration.