According to the Russian legislation the purpose of activity of courts of arbitration is to resolve property and commercial disputes between businesses. In a specialized court also might be considered the claims of employers on tax, land and other disputes that violate their administrative, financial or other interests and rights. In turn, arbitration is often interpreted as a form of dispute settlement non-governmental bodies, and is also used as the name of these bodies. It can be arbitration courts, international investment or trade, inter-state arbitration.

The activities of the above-mentioned instances covers a wide range of issues with which the ordinary citizen it is difficult to cope on their own. For this reason, it is better to seek the services of professionals, because errors in this situation can be expensive, and will have to pay not only money, but also time and nerves. Counsel for the city of Simferopol — Nikitina Aleksandra Anatolyevna able to successfully conduct the arbitration for any disputes in a favorable direction for you legally. I’m at the professional level will resolve the problem of a commercial nature of any complexity. I can get as detailed advice regarding legal issues and a solid defense in court.


Arbitration is a procedure for the resolution of financial disputes. Depending on the nuances of the situation it may include the following stages of work of lawyers of our Association:

  • gathering the necessary documents in the case and a thorough analysis with the aim of developing the most advantageous position for the client;
  • detailed advice about the ways and prospects of resolution of the dispute;
  • possible pre-trial resolution of a legal issue;
  • the development of the litigation strategy and client behavior in court, and drafting and preparation of claims, lawsuits, complaints, petitions;
  • representation of client’s interests in court, defending his rights, the settlement of the conflict in a favorable direction for it.

The lawyer Nikitina will help you in developing and implementing the right tactics and provide competent legal defense to your case is successfully concluded as quickly as possible.