In the modern world in conditions when on the foreground intellectual property, the need for effective protection of copyright and related rights is becoming increasingly important. Increasingly, citizens and businesses are turning to the court for protection of violated copyrights, some of them acquire a resonant character.

Copyright in the objective sense, is an institution of civil law which regulates the relations connected with creation and use (publication, performance, display, etc.) of works of science, literature, or art, that is, the objective results of creative activity of man. All of these objects can be easily copied by other people. As a result of such action is a violation of copyright, to recover or prevent which can, in a timely manner by contacting a qualified technician.

This area of law is relatively new, amendments to the legislation introduced almost every year, so to provide advice and to render professional services can only be experienced lawyer on copyright. You have to understand that the protection of copyright and related rights is a complex set of events that just can’t do nesvedov person. We can build for you the most effective scheme of protection of rights belonging to you.


  • provide a range of services to rights holders to protect their rights and legitimate interests in the fields of copyright and patent law in criminal, administrative and civil proceedings, including with use of mechanisms of preventing the violation of the rights of copyright holders;
  • spend a legal examination of the legality of use of objects of copyright;
  • provide full legal support of producers, musicians, authors, music, actors, Directors, artists, publishers, writers, journalists and all other representatives of creative professions;
  • provide services to companies and organizations through legal use of copyright;
  • represent the interests of foreign right holders in the Russian Federation;
  • defend the interests of domestic rightholders in foreign countries on their own and through foreign lawyers-partners;
  • participation in-out pre-investigation checks and criminal cases on crimes, responsibility for which is provided in articles 146, 147 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation;
  • provide real legal help-out pre-investigation checks and criminal cases on computer crime, responsibility for which is provided by the articles of Chapter 28 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation;
  • produce steps for registration of trademarks.

Investigating the company on suspicion of violating copyright on software products