A criminal lawyer

Timely access to a lawyer in criminal cases is the key to successful protection of your rights

Many participants in the trials it seems that the state protection is useless, and attorney services in criminal matters at a cost not justified, so people choose self-protection. However, this solution can be a fatal mistake and lead to the imposition of fairly rigid sentence is not in favor of the litigant who ignored the help of a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Use the services of a professional you can before the start of the trial, already at the initial stage of criminal proceedings – the detention in the course of conducting the preliminary investigation. This will help you avoid serious errors, to build a professional line of defence and will contribute to the adoption of suitable legal solutions.


As victims or defendants, each side has a choice:

  • self-protection;
  • free state protection;
  • representation of a private criminal lawyer.


Qualified lawyer in criminal cases of Alexander Nikitin provides a range of services, which can be used at any time as soon as you have acquired the procedural status (suspect, accused and etc.). With us you will get:

  • protection against arrest and detention;
  • representation in implementing any investigative measures;
  • legal advice in criminal cases;
  • protection of any persons involved in the process;
  • legal representation in the bodies of any category (first instance, appeal and cassation courts).

The services of a criminal defense attorney can use the witness in the case. The practice of conducting the preliminary investigation shows that often law enforcement bodies, having no tangible evidence and in the absence of personalities, which with confidence can be called suspects, resorted to pressure on witnesses. To protect yourself from such illegal actions, you should use the help of a criminal lawyer in the Crimea.


Today it is hard to find an experienced lawyer in criminal cases, which gives detailed advice and, after reviewing the case materials, an objective assessment of the outcome. Even harder to find professional criminal lawyer in Simferopol, which has extensive experience and boasts a solid list of won cases. If you need a criminal defense lawyer and you came to me, I assure you, you have come to the right place and you will be able to help, which might be the salvation for you.

First, defense counsel in criminal cases is always a customer’s advantage in the eyes of law enforcement, which in the presence of the competent technician will not be able to provide you any physical or psychological pressure.

Second, the criminal lawyer will carefully examine all the evidence and conducted the investigation. In the case of violations it is sure to appeal the actions of law enforcement, which were implemented in the process of preliminary investigation.

After consulting a criminal lawyer you will be able, and most importantly, in accordance with the law, to make the necessary declarations, claims, requests, petitions, and complaints.

An experienced criminal lawyer Alexander Nikitin will be able to objectively assess the situation and develop the most effective defense strategy, which will help you to significantly reduce your sentence or avoid prison. If you did not commit the alleged you of a crime, the criminal lawyer will achieve the full justification.

Once a suspect or defendant and on time without using a professional defense lawyer in criminal cases, do not despair and give up. The lawyer may be involved in the process at any stage. With this you can be sure that the lawyer Nikitin in criminal cases in Simferopol strictly adheres to professional ethics, that is, all information which it shall possess in the process of conducting the case, will remain confidential and will not go beyond your conversation confidential. Turning to the lawyer Nikitina, you can be confident in the successful outcome of a trial.

Regardless of the degree of seriousness of the criminal case, choosing one of the above methods to defend his innocence or innocence in court, it is worth remembering that only professional protection will help you to achieve the desired result in the process. Attorney services in criminal cases Nikitina Alexandra will satisfy you in price. The cost of doing business and protection is discussed individually, because each case requires careful study, appeals to the judicial practice, as well as making important and informed decisions.