In cases of acute shortage of cash both legal, and individuals often resort to the possibility to lend money, it is not always clearly fulfilling its obligations to repay the debt. Resulting in the problem of debt recovery. Consider the existing mechanisms of this process.

Conventionally, the procedure of debt collection can be divided into three stages:

  • pre-trial;
  • court;
  • Executive.

Each of them has a number of features which more details can be found below.

The peace pipe for each

The pre-trial stage is characterized by loyalty to the debtor. It includes 2 stages: soft and hard. The first of these is more informative. Through emails, SMS and other alerts to remind man about his stuffiness, not turning to personal contact.

Severe – immediate notification of the debtor orally at the place of residence, work, or legal address. Often at this stage, sit down at the negotiating table and examine the specific situation.

Crime and punishment

The trial stage is a plan B. in case, when the pre-trial debt collection is not successful. If the person refuses to comply with debt obligations, then move directly to trial. Prepared a full package of necessary documents of the case, trial, enforced the decision of the court.

Executive stage – it can be said, ordinary post-trial activities when there is legal debt collection through the Executive bodies. Of course, all this is supported by documented and executed with the help of certain mechanisms. Depending on what means the debtor has, to him committed action.

  1. If the debtor’s assets, a necessary amount for repayment of the debt, the contractor, in accordance with the prescription, making the transfer of funds in full.
  2. If the debtor does not have the necessary funds, the debt be reimbursed as they are received.