The relationship of employer and employee in the modern world often go beyond compliance with the law. Regardless of who was the violator of the labor law, in many cases, it is difficult to do without professional legal assistance in labour disputes.

Despite the fact that the culprit of the current conflict can be a present or former employee of the company, often legal advice on labor disputes it is necessary to the employee as a physical person. Ignorance of their legal rights, employer responsibilities, characteristics of labor relations leads to the transition of conventional conflict situations in the framework of a labour disputerequiring resolution in court.We offer qualified services of a lawyer on labor disputes for individuals and effective support in various cases:

  • the delay and magnitude of the provision under the law of payments: wages, compensation, sick leave, moral damages, etc.;
  • wrongful termination, dismissal, transfer to part-time, etc.;
  • groundless denial of employment;
  • the lack of safe working conditions for work protection, etc.;
  • labor disputes of collective nature, etc.

Labour lawyer

Turning to me, you are the first to receive advice on labor disputes. I competently explain your rights, will analyze all documentation received and will form an effective plan of action for each specific case.

For a positive completion of employment disputes lawyer are will hold preliminary discussions with each member of the process to solve the conflict in the pretrial order. Failing a positive outcome of such negotiations, the lawyer will make all the necessary claims documents for submission to the court, find the right evidence, get the testimony in the case, etc.

A lawyer for employment cases will accompany you in the trial, representing the interests in court, coordinating your actions, by implementing an effective security program. We will find the optimal solution and will make everything that the result was most favorable for you.

With me you will be fully protected at all stages of employment disputes. Crimea will become a place of the observance of your legal rights to secure paid work.