The lawyer for the land law will solve protracted disputes and the problem of land tenure

The most valuable and reliable assets are not dollar deposits are not shares of large companies and even gold bullion. As you know, the most profitable tangible value is the earth – stop resource for the production of other wealth that never depreciates. Questions and disputes on land matters related to a specific area of law – land law, which specializiruetsya lawyer on land Affairs. Aware of the value of land, the owners are serious about the legalization of all things related to legal aspects of land ownership, and important role of lawyers in land disputes.


Practice shows that land disputes are the most implacable and violent in law and jurisprudence: the owners and applicants for land are fighting for every meter of land, years of arguing about the designation of the boundaries of its territory, disputed the right of succession to land, even with close relatives. This is not surprising: land as property is a pledge and guarantee of material prosperity, not only for the current owner, but also for his heirs. Therefore, the lawyer for the land law are needed at almost any stage of solving a land dispute in order to protect the owner and his potential heirs from all sorts of problems.


A panel of lawyers provides professional legal assistance to large companies, firms, various organizations and of course individuals in land issues and disputes of different specificity. Contacting our firm, you will receive the effective assistance of an experienced lawyer on land issues, specializing in this field of law. With decades of positive experience in this field of law, a lawyer for the land law can win all the disputes in your favor in the administrative and judicial procedure. Fluent in the legal framework of the Russian Federation in the field of land law, the specialist will carefully examine all available documentation on the case, raise registration and registry database in order to effectively understand the dispute in favor of the client.

A competent lawyer on land Affairs will act as the guarantor of the solutions to the following questions:

  • the introduction of the right of ownership of land;
  • privatization of land or its appeal.
  • determining the legality and regulation of use of land resources;
  • appeal of denial of state registration of land ownership;
  • disputes relating to the sharing or division of land;
  • registration of securities confirming the right of ownership to the land plot;
  • confirmation, challenge and legitimize the right of inheritance of land;
  • the establishment of boundaries
  • legalization of real estate objects located on land plots;
  • purchase or sale of land;
  • land lease (the conclusion or termination of leases);
  • renewal of permanent right to use land for the right of perpetual ownership or lease.

Lawyer on land issues Nikitina Aleksandra Anatolyevna will help you to solve all the disputable situation concerning the rights of land ownership. Contact the professional who knows his job: you will be able to obtain necessary legal assistance, thus freeing ourselves from unnecessary future disputes concerning land rights.