A little about me

I am a professional Crimean lawyer with more than 11 years of experience and a certified specialist in the field of Russian, Ukrainian and international law.

My clients are individuals and legal entities located in different parts of the world (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, USA, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Denmark, etc.) Qualified assistance lawyer Nikitina Alexandra Anatolyevna helped to win many difficult litigation on real estate and the application of land legislation.

22.04.2014 lawyer Nikitina A.A. successfully passed the exam for knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation and get the status of a lawyer of the Russian Federation.

Turning to the lawyer Nikitina A.A., you will receive a qualified and comprehensive answer to your question.

Law practice

With the qualified assistance of a lawyer Nikitina client A. from Israel was remotely obtained a certificate of ownership of the apartment remaining after the death of her mother who died in 2006 and later sold.

With the qualified assistance of a lawyer Nikitina A.A. investigative Committee was terminated a criminal case against the client, initiated on the grounds of a crime under part 1 of article 139 of the criminal code-illegal entry into the home, committed against the will of the person living in it.

With the legal assistance of a lawyer Nikitina in relation to the client T. the court established the fact of his residence in the Crimea since 1994 only with a passport of a citizen of the USSR.

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More than 11 years successfully solve complex legal situations and is ready to provide you with competent assistance

Price policy

Types of cases The cost
1.1. oral consultation (advice) from 1000 rubles
1.2. written advice, drafting applications, complaints, petitions, requests, and other legal documents from 2000 rubles
1.3. require education of a significant number of documents and normative acts from 3000 rubles
1.4. drawing up of claims, complaints, responses to claim objections depending on complexity from 5 000 rubles
1.5. the drafting of the statutes, regulations, treaties, agreements and other complex legal documents from 5 000 rubles
2. development of constituent documents and legal support in registration of legal entities from 10 000 rubles

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