One of the most common types of legal services, is legal advice and the quality of the obtained competent legal advice, depends on how much a citizen or other person is protected in law.

Timeliness of advice is that the customer would like to obtain legal advice before the client will make any legally significant actions or before you come to any legally relevant events, since an erroneous legal actions or inaction upon the occurrence of legally significant events, it is very difficult to correct subsequently, and in some cases impossible to fix.

All work is carried out by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field .

For such a low price, we want to offer as soon as possible, a convenient time for You and incomparable quality!

Lawyer Alexander Nikitin A. provides legal advice on:

  • civil law — damages, recognition of property rights, debt collection, injury compensation, termination and conclusion of contracts, establishment of facts of legal significance and other matters;
  • law of succession – restoration period of acceptance of inheritance, recognition of the will invalid, the dispute about the division of the estate, recognition of the right of ownership on inherited property, establishing the actual fact of acceptance of inheritance;
  • labour law – recovery of debt on a salary (or other benefits), on all matters relating to the dismissal, the results of the work book and the correct entry in her restoration at work;
  • family law – dissolution of marriage (divorce), property division, alimony, deprivation of parental rights, determining the child’s place of residence and order of contact with him;
  • housing rights — on the issues of demolition of houses, move in, eviction, registration, withdrawal from registration, section of apartments, houses, buildings, land, privatization and reprivatizatsii housing, housing and legal advice on other issues;
  • contract law — purchase and sale, including real property; deed of gift; delivery; pre-nuptial agreements, agreements on the division of marital property, the exercise of parental rights; alimony; provision of services; construction contracts; other contracts grazhdansko-legal character;
  • investment in construction;
  • administrative rights – deprivation of driving license and its return, the legality of the imposition of an administrative penalty (fine) and the appeal of actions (inactions) of public officials;
  • Accident – compensation for damage, compensation for moral and material harm, the involvement of the perpetrator of the accident to administrative and criminal responsibility;
  • criminal law;
  • insurance law;
  • arbitration law;
  • consumer protection;
  • The recovery of debts;
  • Contracts;
  • Protection of business;
  • The protection of investors;
  • Executive production;
  • Corporate law;
  • Support of procedures of construction;
  • Registration and liquidation of legal entities;
  • Support of transactions of purchase and sale of business;
  • Other civil rights issues and of human life.