A lawyer for probate – dispute resolution

Disputes arising in determining the legal successors of the inheritance, occur frequently. In such cases usually resort to a lawyer for probate, which helps to solve conflicts arising between family and loved ones.

Nikitin Alexander A. provides attorney services for probate in the Crimea and Sevastopol, using many years of experience in this field.

Proceedings of inheritance cases is divided into testamentary and inheritance on the basis of judicial decisions.

In anticipation of a controversial situation, some property owners are attracted to the lawyer in the succession disputes at the stage of preparation of wills, showing concern not only about the financial status of heirs, but the preservation of normal moral relations between them.

There are cases when the right holder is not able in due time to issue the relevant documents. In this situation, the involvement of estate planning attorney is a necessity, as there is a real opportunity for a competent solution to this problem. In the case of expiration of time for submission of documents our specialist will help to restore your rights.

Most difficult is the hearing of inheritance rights contested in court. In the issues section of the inheritance the lawyer of our firm will compile the necessary evidence proving the appropriate degree of relationship with the owner of the abandoned property, allowing on the basis of legislative acts to inherit owed to you share.

When considering the rights of inheritance lawyer inheritance disputes not only qualified to determine the number of applicants for the abandoned property, but will also provide a check to determine conformity of such persons with the requirements of normative acts. This procedure is repeatedly allowed to expand the inheritance rights of our clients.

In case of refusal of the heir’s rights lawyers inherited will help in the proper preparation of this document, in order to avoid challenges in the future.

Lawyer Alexander Nikitin has sufficient experience that enables you to efficiently solve inheritance disputes or provide legal support for such issues.

A lawyer by inheritance will not only protect their property rights, thus saving precious time and avoid the aggravation of disputes.