Today the business is a system of economic, organizational, economic, legal, and other relations carried out by citizens, businesses, organizations, government, arising in the process of creation, acquisition, sale, goods, services, and other values with the aim of obtaining economic benefits.

Weak legal protection may adversely affect the economic performance of Your business.

Business protection is a set of methods and techniques aimed at minimizing the consequences of prevention or neutralization of negative economic factors. Typically cause monetary or legal problems is the weak tax planning, legal exposure to regulatory organizations. In our opinion, one of the most significant problems in the protection business is the unwillingness of firms to effectively protect their rights in court, including during the conduct of complex trials related to collection of receivables.

Protection of commercial interests of my clients is a priority direction of activity of the lawyer Nikitina Alexandra, which uses only proven legal mechanisms for the protection of the business. The experience will allow the lawyer Nikitina Alexandra A. to develop algorithms and programs for the successful protection of the security business, given the dynamics of the Russian legislation.

Your business needs to be protected from all possible ways of cheating, including:

  • of the conclusion of fictitious contracts;
  • the supply of low quality products;
  • hostile takeovers;
  • the sale of nonexistent assets;
  • illegal actions of law enforcement and tax authorities.

The Penal Code contains rules concerning the liability for crimes in the economic sphere. Unfortunately, such rules become a tool of influence and pressure on business.

Lawyer Alexander Nikitin of the city of Simferopol offers the following services to protect business:

  • detailed advice for the effective protection of business;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • analysis of legal documents;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • representation of interests in arbitration courts and courts of General jurisdiction;
  • representation before regulatory and law enforcement state bodies.

Undesirable business consequences in the form of fines, penalties, additional assessments, inspections against the leaders of the organization will be minimized thanks to the efforts of lawyer A. A. Nikitina
As a rule, the lawyer Alexander Nikitin A. G. Simferopol provides the customer not only representation in litigation but also assists in collecting the necessary evidence in the case.

The lawyer is engaged in protecting the interests of customers in all categories of disputes, namely:

  • debt collection;
  • various tax disputes;
  • support of procedures of bankruptcy;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes connected with securities;
  • land disputes and disputes with other premises;
  • disputes arising from various contracts (sale, rental, supply, contract, transportation, insurance, etc.);
  • banking and credit disputes;
  • disputes connected with protection of intellectual property;
  • the administrative case.