In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation customs regulation is in conducting the Russian Federation and consists in establishing the procedure and rules under which, persons implementing the right to move goods and vehicles across the customs border of the Russian Federation.

Did you know that customs disputes appeared in ancient times. So, in 1649, took the sobornoye Ulozheniye, which is the first law in the history of Russia, which had sections concerning the work of customs services. And in 1653 was adopted Customs statutes.

Customs regulation is carried out in accordance with the Customs code of the Russian Federation and the Customs code of the Customs Union annexed to the Treaty on the Customs code of the customs Union adopted by the Decision of the EurAsEC Interstate Council at the level of heads of States.

Customs disputes – are one of the most difficult categories of disputes. Many such disputes can lead to a deadlock even an experienced lawyer. This necessitates the involvement of a lawyer who specializiruetsya such cases. To the customs dispute was resolved in Your favor, it is necessary that the attorney representing Your interests, possessed not only theoretical knowledge of customs legislation, but also extensive practical experience.

The current practice of permission of the customs Affairs suggests that the courts are more likely to protect the interests of the entrepreneur.

The main condition of realization of the right to import in Russia or export from the Russian Federation of goods is the maintenance of order and rules of their moving through the customs border of Russia, the observance of which may lead to adverse consequences, including the attraction of persons to administrative responsibility.

Judicial practice shows that the customs authorities allow a large number of errors in the production of customs control, which makes challenging their acts and actions (inaction) of an effective tool to protect your rights. The involvement of an experienced specialist, thoroughly versed in the intricacies of customs control may free You from the need of a trial. Upon presentation to the customs authority sufficient arguments, clearly proving the illegality of his actions, we can confidently say that the customs officer would prefer to agree with Your position, what to expect of the trial.


A lawyer for litigation is ready to provide expert help in all instances and at any stage of the process. Lawyer Alexandra NikitinA A. provides the following services:

  • Representation of client’s interests in all judicial authorities in disputes with customs;
  • The appeal of actions (inactions) of customs authorities including in a judicial order;
  • The writing of complaints, petitions, requests, and other documents of legal nature for the speedy resolution of the dispute;
  • Develop rules of conduct the client to prevent undue excitation of Affairs about administrative offences;
  • Advising on possible actions in connection with the adjustment of customs value;
  • Advising on methods of determining the customs value of the goods;
  • Appeal of decisions on collecting of customs payments by cash in the accounts of the organization;
  • Offset or return of unduly paid customs payments;
  • Identifying the most appropriate customs regime for the import/export of goods; the mode change if necessary;
  • challenging the decisions of customs authorities on classification of goods;
  • Legal review of existing documents: international contracts, commercial and other documents, to identify and reduce customs risks;
  • Practical assistance in the design of sets of documents necessary to move goods across the state border;
  • Advising on methods of determining the customs value of goods.